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Zein Khleif is an Arab-American actress and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Raised between Washington D.C. and the Middle East, her father introduced her to the wonders of The Beatles, Queen, and Pink Floyd (which became her preferred lullaby band of choice, oddly enough) at a very young age.  Always immersed in melody and story, Zein began writing songs and plays at home - constantly taking over her parents' basement to put on shows (for everyone's enjoyment, she likes to think).

Since then, Zein has had the pleasure of performing at the Kennedy Center, The Washington National Cathedral, and The White House.

Zein aims to take part in, and create, art that is powerful and transcends the stereotypes society has put on her culture. She wants to show the world the beauty of the Middle East, in all its races, religions, and ethnicities. 

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